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About Backlink Checker Backlink Checker gives you access to the backlinks profile of any website on the web. See who is linking to you and research your best performing content.  Find your competitors most valuable backlinks and examine their backlink profile to spot patterns and possible link opportunities.

A powerful website backlink checker that shows all links pointing to your domain and their quality is indispensable for performing link audits

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What is a backlink? It is a vote for your website's trustworthiness, quality, and coolness. Incoming links are not the only factor determining the popularity and credibility of your website, but they are still one of the most important and challenging ones. The more websites that are pointing to your site, the more reasons there are for search engines to like it, and give it more credits for a higher ranking.

How to improve your backlink profile

Before you start working on improving your backlink profile make sure you have the right content in place. Content is King But it you don’t have you don’t have interesting quality content, it will be pretty hard to get results from your link building efforts.

So now we have this covered, here are 3 link building strategies you can use to improve your website authority and backlink profile:

1. Lost Link Recovery – Have a look at 404 pages with inbound links. Use a 301 redirect to make sure visitors and search engines get referred to the right page, which will also help you to recover your lost link value.

2. Competitor backlink audit – Analyse the link profile of your competitor and research the opportunities, to match your, or even better outperform your competitors link profile and subject authority.  When performing an competitor backlink audit you should also analyse inbound links pointing to top performing pages, so you don’t miss out on valuable link opportunities.

3. Relation building – Find influencers in your market, who already published well performing content.