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About Page Authority Checker

What is page authority is that one question that most of us, who are in internet business struggle with. For SEO professionals, authority is very significant as almost all the key SEO strategies including link building and quality content writing are done with an objective to improve the authority. The point to ponder is that authority alone, can’t guarantee you the search visibility because contextual relevance is also required, however, there is no doubt in the fact that it certainly is a critical indicator of overall SEO performance.

Are you still concerned about what is page authority? Page authority is one of the primary website rating or ranking factors that is mainly evaluated for only a single URL of your website or in other words for just a single page. It is a term which was first coined by MOZ, defines as the estimated ranking capacity of a web page. It is also important to know what is a good page authority; higher is the page authority for a given page higher will be the page capacity to rank in search engine results. This is the very reason that makes it important to check your page authority with the help of a good PA checker or page authority checker. PA checker is a tool that can give you a better idea of how strong is your page visibility and how effective are your SEO strategies.

Now that you know enough about PA, question arises what is a good page authority and how to find it? As already mentioned, you will need a quality page authority also called PA Checker. There are many page authority checker tools over internet, so you can easily find one. PA checker is a magic tool that tells you about the page authority score. If you have a website of your own then PA checker is a must have for you

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority
Both direct and indirect, Moz has created various measures of authority. However, the two most important and used ones include DA and PA. It is, therefore, important to know the difference between domain authority and page authority. Domain authority is a statistical measure that tells you about the ranking strength and visibility of entire domain or sub-domains, while page authority gives the estimated ranking strength of web page. Both Da and PA can be calculated with the help of domain authority checker and page authority checker tools.