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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker will tell you whether the server of your website is online or offline. It is a very useful tool which every webmaster should use at regular intervals to keep them updated on their site's server status. As this tool is the desperate need of every webmaster, the team at has created it so that everyone can use it for free.

This excellent tool helps you to find whether the status of your website is online or offline. All the users need to do is enter the name of domain or subdomain, to check the status of your website. Users can input up to 100 URLs at one go, all in separate lines. This tool is available for free usage on seo tool stat, for you convenience.

Server status checker tool is used to check the server status of a website. The status of a website will tell the website owner whether it is online or offline. Online status means the website is working properly and any internet user can easily visit the website, whereas offline status means there is some problem with the website and the website cannot be accessed by some of the internet users. To use this tool, a user need to enter the details of the domain name in the tool box and the tool will check the status of a website. This tool must be used at regular intervals as the website server can be down anytime which affect the visitors. So, by using this tool a website owner can keep a regular eye on the website status and take immediate actions whenever the website status comes down.

Here's how you can use this free SEO tool:

  • Enter the complete site URL into the textbox. You can even add up to 100 domains but make sure you write every URL on a separate line.
  • Click the "Submit" button and let our tool find the server status of each website you have entered.

What's So Special In Sever Status Checker By is a reputable name in the SEO industry, providing premium SEO tools at no cost and we take much better care of our users than anyone else does. 

Our professional team of workers have added many incredible features to this tool. The most surprising thing is that instead of checking the server status of each website one by one, you can now check whether the servers are running fine or not of up to 100 websites at a time.

No matter how many sites you check, our tool will display an accurate server status report for every website you have typed in, in less than 2-3 seconds only.

The server report is generated in a proper table form. If it displays the server status as "Online" then it means your website is running fine, and every internet user can easily surf your site. But if it displays the status as "Offline" then it means there's a problem going on with the website, and you should immediately pay your attention to the matter because users can't browse your site unless you fix the issue.

In previous years, webmasters have gone through many difficulties because they never knew whether their website is accessible to everyone and the servers are running fine or not. But we have have created this tool so that you can quickly check the server status of any website in a matter of seconds only.

Server Status Checker by is extremely fast, 100% accurate, requires no registration, has a user-friendly dashboard and compatible with every browser. So use it with no worries!