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Use Our website links count checker tool to check the total amount of links on your site. These links include both Internal and External Links. On entering your site's URL, our tool will display a complete report of links telling you the total amount of Internal and External links on your site.

Besides using it for counting the number of links on your site, you can also use this tool to check the number of links on your competitor's site. with this free tool, you can count how many outgoing links are present on the particular page. It is easy to enter the URL for that particular web page then click a button. You can use the link count checker for number of various purposes. Most commonly, the website owners may wish to check how many external links are there on the particular webpage to make sure of the quality because it not good to publish too many of the outgoing links.

Total links tell you the total number of internal and external links that the website has. Some website links counter check tools will also show the number of duplicate links and number of empty anchors.

Internal links are those that link pages within a website. They may be linked via the website menu or by interlinks. For example, if a website has a menu item 'oil refineries' and in the drop down menu, there are four refineries listed they will be interlinked.

External links are links to other websites. The higher the number of external links the better they are for the website. However, all the links should be to relevant and credible websites and not to spam or spurious sites.