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About www Redirect Checker

Our redirect checker tool is the most powerful and easy to use tool for a web developer to analyze their web pages. Www redirection is a well-known SEO factor and it must be enabled for your website. Www website redirect checker is a tool which allows you to check your website www redirection.

Is this necessary to use redirect checker tool?
Yes, it is very necessary to use this tool because this tool informs you about this most important SEO factor. Not using this tool maybe miss a very sensitive little but important SEO factor. It can be responsible for the decrease of your website search engine visibility. So, if you are a web developer or beginners must keep this issue while optimizing your website. 

The majority, lose out valuable search engine traffic due to incorrect configuration of redirects. It basically guides the search engines robots when they come to crawl your website and follow all pages with redirection which you have setup.

Basically, every domain comes with two different version one www.com version and other non-www.com version. You have to choose one of them, otherwise, search engines robots considered both version two website and index both of them. This will create the issue of duplicate content and google algorithms may mark as the low-quality page. It also may cause for the google penalty. So, the wisdom is that think before every step if you want that your website live long on a search engine. I mean top ranking. 

If you have not still fixed the www redirection for your website don’t need to worry about. It takes no more than 2 minutes. Seotoolstat.com also offering Www redirect code generator tool which allows you to generate code super-fast way. Just go to redirect code generator and enter your website in website box and select your preferred version I mean, www or non-www version and hit the submit button.